Les Fous Frogs - jazzy, poppy, rocky, funky stuff !

Two voices, two saxophones, several guitars, various other instruments. Add a creative spirit and a stage presence where passion morphs into music and words.

What do you get?

Les Fous Frogs : an alchemy, a musical fusion both delicate and powerful and with its own unique style.

Great concerts full of energy, fun and love !

You have a party in mind, a business event to enliven, a wedding or other celebration, a garden party planned. Les Fous Frogs will warm the spirits over the apéritif, give energy to the festivities, bring joy and fun to your event. Look at what we offer, see and hear what we do, share our love of music, and then call or email us . . . Audio A selection of songs from our repertoire so you can listen to some of our music. Repertoire Sample song list About Us Viki and Richard created Les Fous Frogs in 2007 with one goal - to share our passion for music. The spark which set us on our way was a common love of a wide range of musical styles, and our repertoire extends from jazz to funk, passing via pop, disco, rock'n'roll and rock - each type of music has its own appeal and its own time and place. It is this magic mix from Les Fous Frogs which will transport you on a musical voyage! Viki is the main singer with a versatile voice ranging from Nina Simone, via Elvis to James Brown. She also plays keyboards and saxophone. Richard plays the guitar and saxophone and sings. Click below to find out a bit more about us. Viki Viki always had music in her blood, inherited from her paternal grandfather. She has lived a full life and lived and travelled widely in Europe and beyond, but was always to be seen with a piano by her side and a song on her lips. After many many kilometres she finally "settled" in the Charente Maritime close to Royan and it was here in 2007 she met and joined with Richard to create Les Fous Frogs - the common goal to share a love of music and entertain the world. Music of all styles for all occasions. Viki is the main singer in Les Fous Frogs and also plays keyboards and saxophone. She is equally at home with liquid jazz and cocktail music and up tempo rock 'n roll, funk and pop and has the character to engage and delight her audience. Richard Richard started music early in life, graduating quickly from the school recorder to the flute, piano and guitar. He learnt his trade playing pop, rock and blues in the pubs and clubs of England before choosing the good life in southwest France, close to Royan. Once settled here he established a recording studio and continued live performance in the Charente-Maritime playing parties and events whilst honing his engineering and production skills in the studio. In 2007 he combined forces with Viki to create Les Fous Frogs with Viki - objective to go out and share a love of music with anybody and everybody. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter playing chiefly keyboards, guitars of all types and tenor saxophone. Richard particularly loves variety in music - from jazz to blues to rock to funk to pop to dance and back again! Our Shows What do we offer you ? We offer a complete musical entertainment service : • Great music for your event - from cocktail hour through to dancing the night away • High quality sound and light systems • Personalised musical plan to suit your occasion • Flexibility and professionalism • Fast and discreet setup/breakdown • Always a smile :) We are based in the Charente-Maritime and are highly mobile. To plan your event and for more info please contact us by phone or email. Studio Our Recording Studio We have a fully equipped recording studio attached to our home in which we write and record our own music, but which is also available for hire. Be it a demo CD or a full commercial project we can help. Richard is an experienced engineer and producer and we are sure we can help you to realise your perfect recording. For those who want to take their time we have four en suite rooms available too - good for those sessions that get on a roll and don't want to stop . . . . . Do contact us for further details. Gallery Click once on a photo to enlarge and again to reduce size Contact Contact us for more info and to book send us an email to info@lesfousfrogs. or phone 09 77 97 85 51 or 06 13 33 00 94