jazzy, poppy, rocky, funky stuff!

So you thought pop-rock was dead? Not on your life!

Les Fous Frogs invest life and inexhaustible energy into a unique musical style

to bring you songs that get your heart beating, your feet a-tapping, and your soul rising.

Unforgettable concerts full of fun, humour and brio!


Random Name

Singer, saxer, mover

Loves long walks on the beach

but somehow

never has the time


Random Name

Guitar man, sings a bit, blows a bit

Loves playing anything, anytime

That's why there's no time

to walk on the beach

The Band

Random Name

Our greatest fans

They adore the music of Les Fous Frogs

Especially loud saxophones

although they do hide under the sofa

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Coming gigs, and gigs played recently :

Concerts 2017

Date Place Concert
23-dec-17SaintesFête privée
25-nov-17PonsFête privée
28-oct-17Les MathesFestival Concert
30-sept-17ArcesFête association
24-sept-17CozesFestival concert
23-sept-17ChenacRencontre Associations
2/3-sep-17MeschersConcerts Festival
9-sept-17CozesFête privée
21-août-17Camping, MeschersConcert
17-août-17CriteuilFête Didier
6-août-17Camping, MeschersConcert
24-juil-17Camping, MeschersConcert
4-juin-17ArcesFête des Fleurs

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Contact us for more information and to talk to us about your needs

By mail to  info@lesfousfrogs.com
or by phone on 09 77 97 85 51
Find us on Facebook : Les Fous Frogs


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Rock band - clients of the studio The Seeds of Time
Sculptors Jean-Claude Carlet
Isabelle Abate
Painters Valérie Décoret